Moran Environmental Recovery (MER)

MER is a nationally recognized OSRO with both Mechanical and Non-Floating Oil classifications under the USCG. Through actual events and exercises that MER performs on an annual basis, it helps our membership meet the federal requirements under the Oil Spill Pollution act of 1990. MER also manages its OSRO program by participating in the National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (NPREP).

The professionals at MER provide environmental, industrial, mechanical and commercial diving services to many of the nation’s utilities, railroads, ports and government agencies. The relationship between MER and the Marine industry is one that has developed over the decades by driving its highest level of performance, safety and reliability in many ports around the country.

Specialized in:

  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Emergency Management
  • AMPD coverage
    –  Terminals
    –  Vessels
    –  Mobile Facilities
  • Customized Response Training Programs
  • Response Equipment Tracking and Preparedness
  • Marine Casualty Response

MER’s commitment to PERFORMANCE in the field helps mitigate risk to its employees, customers, and our members.

For more information about MER’s specialized solutions for both planned and emergency needs, click here.