Jacksonville Spillage Control

Who We Are

Jacksonville Spillage Control (JSC) was formed in 1970 as Florida’s first member-owned oil spill prevention and response cooperative. Today, JSC provides its member companies with access to one of the largest response equipment inventories in the Southeast. Annual membership dues pay for new and replaced equipment, ensuring our inventory is always up-to-date and available for immediate deployment.

We contract with Moran Environmental Recovery (MER) to serve as our Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO). MER is recognized by the United States Coast Guard as a classified OSRO; thus, membership in JSC meets the federal requirements for availability of response resources.

Our partnership with MER ensures that our member benefits include:

  • Access to equipment for emergency oil spill response at no additional cost beyond the annual JSC membership fees
  • Best available rates on equipment owned by MER when size or complexity of the emergency exceeds the capability of the equipment owned by JSC
  • No charge for spill response training
  • No charge for OSRO participation in tabletop exercises when OSRO resources permit attendance
  • No charge for personnel or equipment used during response to a Government Initiated Unannounced Exercise (GIUE)
  • Best available pricing for non-emergency cleanup operations performed by MER
  • Response issue advocacy with the U.S. Coast Guard and Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) via representation by JSC and MER

As a membership organization, JSC has a long-term commitment to the success of our members. We do not see an emergency spill response at a member’s facility or vessel as an opportunity for financial gain. Our response strategy always will be to deliver the best quality response that adequately and efficiently meets the needs of our members.