JSC Annual Meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended our annual meeting and BBQ on March 28. We had an excellent turnout with nearly fifty individuals from our membership and governmental agencies in attendance. We were very excited to show off our new facility located at 1961 East Adams Street. A special thank you to Charlie Bowden and Rick Burrell from Center Point Terminal who made the location available for the Co-Op’s use. I also want to thank the U.S. Coast Guard, FDEP, the City of Jacksonville and Moran Environmental Recovery (MER) for providing updates on their activities.

Last year was very successful for the Co-Op. Not only did we complete the move to the new facility, but we also continued our efforts to strategically place key equipment throughout the port to dramatically reduce response times. We also partnered with Prevention and Planning Solutions to offer a two-day ICS-300 course and a four-hour Incident Commander course. This training was provided at no cost to our membership. I encourage all of you to take every opportunity to become familiar with ICS and attend all available training opportunities. ICS is not only mandated, it works. It is the most cost-effective method for responding to an incident of any magnitude.

This year, we will extend our contract with MER. The partnership we have formed over the past eight years is stronger than ever. We look forward to working with them for many years to come. MER has an expansive inventory of response equipment in Jacksonville, Savannah, and Charleston that they can provide in the event a spill exceeds the capability of the Co-Op owned equipment. I encourage our members to use MER for non-emergency work when possible. Not only will you receive the best available price on equipment, a portion of the cost to rent the equipment goes back into the Co-Op.

Again, thank you all for attending and for your continued membership and support of the Co-Op.

Jim McLaughlin